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**The rules are simple:
Gods do not interfere with the lives of mortals unless they are prayed upon.
Gods only interact with the people that belong to their pantheon
**Until a Norse Volᶌa pities the mortal Teresa who has lost everything following a tragic accident. And the forgotten Norse god Birger. The Volᶌa is sure that these broken souls can heal each other and binds them together ignoring the rules.It’s not long before this fated bond changes into love. Leaving Birger willing to trade in his eternal youth to be with Teresa. But rules are not meant to be broken. When Teresa is caught in the fight between Asgard and Vanaheim. After both having lost everything before, how much are they willing to give up a second time in the hopes of not losing each other.

Goodreads reviews for "The Forgotten God"

Get ready to dive back into the mesmerizing world of Norse Gods with "The Lost Girl," the electrifying conclusion to the series that kicked off with "The Forgotten God." Teresa's journey is far from over in this thrilling sequel—the saga is coming to an epic end, and you won't want to miss a single page.
Teresa's no longer content being life's punching bag. In fact, she's ready to throw down and show life what she's made of. As we pick up where we left off, Teresa's determination is unshakable. She's had enough of being a pawn in fate's game. With her soul bound to Birger's and the Vanir-Aesir god war hanging in the balance, Teresa's on a mission to uncover the truth and find her way back to a normal life—one that doesn't involve memories of Birger or her divine friends.
But let's be honest, her journey isn't a walk in the park. Being a regular human in a realm of divine chaos comes with its own set of challenges—dodging demons, outwitting bloodthirsty mermaids, and dealing with gods who all seem to have ulterior motives. As her bonds with Kvasir and Illithor deepen, she's also grappling with the possibility of forgetting them.
Amidst the uncertainty, Lux and Darius mysteriously vanish, leaving Teresa to find solace in the enigmatic god who still occupies her thoughts. Navigating a realm where illusions thrive and truths remain elusive, Teresa faces her most pivotal choice yet. When faced with adversity and uncertainty, will she muster the strength to break the bond with Birger, even if it means erasing her memories? Or will she find her courage in persisting, putting her faith in the very man who's been afraid to let her in?
"The Lost Girl" is a rollercoaster of twists and turns, seamlessly blending ancient myths with modern grit. It's a tale of choices, unbreakable bonds, and the bravery to forge ahead even when the odds seem insurmountable. As the final book in the Norse Gods series, "The Lost Girl" propels readers into a world where mortals and gods clash, and Teresa's determination becomes the linchpin that could reshape entire realms. Join Teresa as she navigates a universe where destiny hangs in the balance, and where one young woman's unwavering resolve could rewrite history.

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